Stoodaio Review & A #1 FREE (And Better) Alternative

Stoodaio Review

Stoodaio Review

Stoodaio Review


Welcome to my honest Stoodaio Review.

Stoodaio is an online, cloud-based software that allows you to convert articles into videos, turn sales pages and ecommerce pages into videos, and also convert pre-written text to videos. Editing videos and providing consistent branding can certainly take a lot of time, and so Stoodaio attempts to make this process less timely and more efficient. Although the premise sounds great, I have come across a few issues when testing out this software.

I created a YouTube video where I walk you through the Stoodaio software, and give my personal opinions on this software.

Click to watch my Stoodaio Review:

Better Alternative to Stoodaio

I recommend InVideo as an alternative to Stoodaio. Stoodaio has issues and does not provide the ability to customize your videos much. InVideo also provides a ton of templates to choose from, and has a much easier user interface that allows you to edit and add more customizations in your videos.

Sign up to InVideo here.

InVideo does offer a free plan, where you can create and edit many videos, however the downside is that you will get an InVideo watermark on the corner of your videos. If you want to remove the watermark, you will need to subscribe to a paid plan, however for getting started and getting to know the software then the free version will be a great start.

I did a YouTube tutorial about InVideo, where I show you how to convert articles to videos:

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Corinna Jacqueline

Hi! I'm Corinna, and I have experience making money online through investing, creating Etsy shops, dropshipping, social media marketing and affiliate marketing.

I'm always testing and learning new things, and so it is my hope that through my experiences and recommendations that you will be able to find something of use to you!

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