Solitaire Cash Review: #1 Way To Win Money Playing Games?

Solitaire Cash Review

Solitaire Cash Review

Solitaire Cash Review

Can you really make money by playing mobile phone games such as Solitaire Cash? Is it possible to make money with Solitaire Cash?

This Solitaire Cash review will uncover if Solitaire Cash is legit and if it is really possible to make money.

If you are interested in signing up, click here to download the app and get a free $1 in bonus cash!

I also did a quick YouTube video on my channel showing my results with Solitaire Cash:



What is Solitaire Cash?

So you may have heard or seen ads for the Solitaire Cash app, which claims to pay you money simply by winning and playing games of solitaire. I have personally had the app for a few months now, and this is my honest review and experience of the app.

Solitaire Cash is a fun mobile app currently only available to IOS users. It takes the classic Solitaire game and puts a fun twist on it where you play games of Solitaire against other people, in order to compete for prizes.

Participants are matched based on skill level, in order to try and make games fair for everybody.

All participants play the same game, and are dealt the exact same set of cards.

It is also a race against the clock, as if everybody is able to successfully complete a Solitaire game, the winner is determined based on time.


Solitaire Cash Gameplay

There are different types of solitaire games that differ based on the entry requirement, number of participants and prize pool amounts.

For example, the most popular game is “Gems Factory”. This game requires 2 gems to enter.

There are different kinds of “currencies” used in Solitaire Cash, which are used to enter into Solitaire games.

There are different kinds of games in Solitaire Cash.

  1. Gems Games – where you compete to win gems.
  2. Cash Games – compete to win bonus cash and cash


What is Bonus Cash in Solitaire Cash?

Bonus cash cannot be withdrawn, but it can be used to enter cash games.

Any cash earnings from cash games can be withdrawn.

Something to note is that if you have a mixture of cash and bonus cash, Solitaire Cash will use your cash to enter games when it is available. I personally try to keep my cash and bonus cash separate (I won’t collect cash winnings until I’ve used up as much bonus cash as I can), so I can maximize my cash.


Is it free to play Solitaire Cash?

Yes and No.

It is free to register for Solitaire Cash. You also do not need to pay to win money, but it definitely is time consuming and difficult.

If you want to start playing for free, you can start by playing “Gems Factory”, which just requires 2 gems as an entry fee. Once you have 120 gems, you can play the “Freeroll” game. If you win, you will earn bonus cash, which can then be used to enter cash games and win cash.

Solitaire Cash Review
Photo Credit: Solitaire Cash App

As mentioned before, this can be very time consuming. And if you do not win the bonus cash game (which is quite likely with bonus cash and cash games), you will have to restart and earn 120 gems all over again.

If you do want to pay to play, you can deposit money directly into the app in order to earn cash, which can then be used to enter cash games. But know there is no guarantee you will win these games and you I would recommend only depositing what you are comfortable losing.

There are always special offers you can claim which can get you a good deal to buy bonus cash and cash, so keep your eyes peeled for those if you are looking to deposit some money into the game.


How can I withdraw money from Solitaire Cash?

You will need to have a PayPal account in order to withdraw cash from solitaire cash.

You will also need to have a minimum of $5 in cash to withdraw. Note that $1 is deducted from the total when you make any withdrawal.

When you make a withdrawal, they say that it can take 5-10 business days for the money to arrive in your PayPal account, but I have noticed that it typically arrives after 1-2 days.


Pros & Cons of Solitaire Cash

Aesthetically pleasing user interfaceHelp & support is hit or miss
Can earn money (not a scam)Difficult increases with cash games
Frequent eventsOnly available on IOS/Apple devices
Overall enjoyable to playCash games not available in all locations
Upfront payment is not required$1 deducted from each withdrawal
Entry fees are refunded if the app crashes during gameplay$5 minimum required to make a withdrawal

Pros – What I personally love about Solitaire Cash

Aesthetically Pleasing Graphical User Interface

It’s a very aesthetically pleasing app. I have tried out Solitaire Cube as well, which is another app where you play Solitaire games and can win money. Solitaire Cash has a much nicer look and feel overall.

Ability to earn money by playing Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash is definitely not a scam. It definitely is possible to earn money by playing games, but it can be very difficult and time consuming.

Frequent & Fun Events

Solitaire Cash will frequently hold free events every week. The events typically last approximately 3 days.

During these events, you are given a challenge to reach a particular goal and earn a certain number of items. Once you reach that goal, you are rewarded with gems, additional XP, or even bonus cash!

In order to earn these items, you simply play Solitaire games as per normal. In the games if you score a certain number of points, come first in a Solitaire game, or participate in a cash game, you will earn items.

You have to reach particular milestones and then you get a bonus amount of either gems or even bonus cash!

It can be very addictive because you will want to continually play more and more games in order to collect more and more items.

Solitaire Cash Events
Photo Credit: Solitaire Cash App

Entry Fees are refunded if the app crashes during gameplay

If the app crashes during the game, you will be pleasantly relieved to know that Solitaire Cash will refund your entry fee for the game.

Cons – The downsides to Solitaire Cash:

Help & support

They offer an email and advise you can contact them or log a ticket for support. However I’ve found that their response rate is pretty hit or miss.

Paid Games Skill Level Tends To Increase

I’ve found that with the cash games vs gem games, that it overall is a lot more difficult to place top 3. This no doubt is because they are a business who still need to make their money, but can be disheartening and make you not enjoy the game as much.

Require a minimum of $5 cash to withdraw

When you want to make a withdrawal to your PayPal account, you will need to have a minimum of $5 in cash winnings to withdraw. This does not include bonus cash.

$1 fee for every withdrawal

In addition to the withdrawal minimum, there is $1 which gets deducted from your withdrawal.

Only available on IOS devices

At present, the Solitaire Cash app is only available on IOS devices, meaning that Android users cannot download and play. I believe that they are working to make this a possibility though.

Cash Game availability depends on your location

This is another large downside to playing Solitaire Cash. In order to participate in cash and bonus cash games, you must be located in a country or city that supports cash games.

Right now, Solitaire Cash support cash tournaments in the following areas:

  • United States (some states excluded)
  • Canada
  • Australia (Western Australia & Tasmania only)


How can I start earning money from Solitaire Cash?

You will need to be over 18 to participate in cash games, and you will also need to live in a location where cash games are supported.

To download the app and kick off your account with a free $1 in bonus cash, click here.


My Experience With Solitaire Cash

Now it’s time to give you my personal experience playing Solitaire Cash.

I have had the Solitaire Cash app now for approximately 6 months.

I have found it very addictive and fun.

I started out only playing the free games and winning gems, and planned to slowly build up. I was finding that I was winning the majority of the free games. I started out playing the Gems Factory games (a lot) and eventually got to 120 gems. I played a bonus cash game. Once I had completed the game I checked out the leader board, and noticed that my score was incredibly low compared to my competitors.

At this stage I was quite shocked, but kept at it and decided to restart the process earning 120 gems again. Once again, I played a bonus cash game, and again received a score so incredibly low compared to others.

I can’t exactly remember how many times I repeated, this process, but it was quite a few until I finally managed to place in the top 3 in a bonus cash game.

I then used the bonus cash to participate in a couple of cash games, of which I did not win any cash. Once again, I found that the scores of the competitors were very high compared to mine.

I do have to say that I was finding this a bit suss, considering that I was placing very highly in free games, and then would perform very low compared to the others in bonus cash and cash games.

Next, I wanted to test out if depositing money into Solitaire Cash gave you an advantage over players who just play for free, and so I claimed one of the offers and deposited $5.

However I also didn’t win any games and quickly lost this money.

Still, with the overall fun vibe of the game, and the addictive quality, I kept playing and continue to play today.

Over this time, I have won a little bit of money from Solitaire Cash. After 6 months of playing, I have withdrawn $40 USD into my PayPal account.

So in summary, it definitely is possible to win money. It is a very fun game to play, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking to Solitaire Cash for a stable income stream.

But it definitely is fun, even if you’re just playing the free games!


Ready to Play Solitaire Cash?

Get started with Solitaire Cash with a free $1 in bonus cash, click here.


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