How To Send Facebook Leads To GetResponse With LeadSync

In this LeadSync review, discover how to send Facebook leads to GetResponse automatically using the software LeadSync. LeadSync helps me automate sending leads from facebook ad campaigns into GetResponse.

LeadSync Review: Send Facebook Leads To Email Software


What Is LeadSync?

LeadSync is a software used to automate sending leads from Facebook ad campaigns into an email software.

If you’re looking for an email automation software to use, I personally use and recommend GetResponse. I wrote a GetResponse review here. You can sign up for a 30 day free trial through my affiliate link here.

Why is LeadSync required?

If you are actively running Facebook Lead Campaigns, and also have some sort of email automation or an email autoresponder running, you will find this software very valuable.

To put this into context, here is an example:

Let’s say you are running a Facebook Lead Campaign, and your objective is to obtain new leads to add into your email list. To do this, you decide to giveaway a free book in exchange for an email address. You go into your email software and create an autoresponder or an automation workflow, and set up this email that will contain a link to the free book. Now all you need is some way of getting the email from Facebook, into the email software, so that the autoresponder or automation can do its thing.

Unfortunately Facebook does not have any in-built features to automatically send leads to your email software.

One option of adding your leads into your email software could be to manually download the csv file from Facebook, and then import them in. The downside of this is that when somebody clicks on the Facebook ad and provides their email address, they will likely expect to receive the free book instantaneously. The other con is that this requires manual work.

And this is exactly where LeadSync comes in!

LeadSync integrates with Facebook and your email software, and will instantly send any new leads received from the Facebook ad into your email software.

LeadSync vs Zapier

You might be wondering why I recommend LeadSync, and not Zapier or another tool.

LeadSync specialise in providing this function, making it a more reliable tool.

In terms of the pricing, I would also argue that LeadSync is superior in that regard. This is because LeadSync’s cheapest tier at $19 a month includes instantly adding new leads into GetResponse. Contrast that to Zapier at $19.99 a month, which takes 15 minutes to add leads into GetResponse.

In my opinion 15 minutes is too slow. Zapier’s professional plan at $49 a month provides a faster update time at 2 minutes, but this is still not enough to beat the LeadSync.

LeadSync Pricing

LeadSync provide three difference pricing tiers, all of which come with a free 14 day trial, so they’re definitely worth checking out!

The cheapest tier is $19/month, the mid-range tier is $49/month, and the most expensive tier is $99/month.

For the most part, the three tiers provide the same functions and services, but with greater limits the higher up the tiers you go.

To check out LeadSync’s pricing tiers, click here.

LeadSync Support

I’ve found their support to be a bit hit or miss. I’ve emailed them a few queries and haven’t always received a response. They also have a chat function, but there isn’t usually somebody available to assist you. They say that they will email you instead, but again I’ve also found this to be hit or miss.

I will say that most of your common questions and how-to guides can be found in their FAQs/resources section here.

How easy is LeadSync to use?

I personally found LeadSync very simple to set up. The graphical user interface is very simple, and does not overcomplicate things which I personally love.

You simply go into AD Account, and add an integration into Facebook with LeadSync.

Then you go into Connections, and connect LeadSync with your email software. Currently you can choose from 35 different softwares!

Afterwards, to join the two together, you go into Lead Forms. You select the Facebook lead form that you will be using to send leads from, and also select a destination email list where the leads will be automatically going to.

Pretty simple!


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