PuzzleProfitz Review & A FREE (And Better) Alternative

PuzzleProfitz Review

PuzzleProfitz Review

PuzzleProfitz Review


Welcome to my honest PuzzleProfitz Review.

PuzzleProfitz is an online software by Venkatesh K. PuzzleProfitz claims to be the first most profitable puzzle creation app, which claims to allow you to create word search puzzle books, and then sell them online on Amazon KDP. Although the premise sounds fast, simple and easy, I have come across a few issues when testing out this software, and have also found a FREE way in which you can follow this strategy, which I cover later.

If you prefer to ingest content through a visual/audio format, I created a YouTube video where I demo and review the PuzzleProfitz software, as well as provide the free alternative.

The PuzzleProfitz sales page claims to be the “world’s first most profitable puzzle creation app where you can discover the mind-blowing way to make a fortune in passive income online with no skills or experience” (PuzzleProfitz Sales Page).

The sales page says that the software follows a simple three-step process that is “proven” to work for newbies”. When I look into what these three “easy” steps are on the sales, page, this is what they are:

  1. Create: create puzzle books in any niche or category then sit back and watch as your sales come in
  2. Sell: sell your books on Amazon KDP
  3. Download: customers can purchase and download your puzzle books from Amazon

SSL Certificate Issue

On 13th January at 6.30pm, when I tried to login to the software, I discovered an SSL certificate error. The certificate showed up as “not secure” and said it was issues to a different site. Although the issue has now been resolved, I found it “puzzling” (excuse the terrible pun) that given how close the developers were to launching the site, that they were leaving major site issues up to the last minute to resolve them.

The following morning on the 14th the site was working.

PuzzleProfitz Software

From the dashboard, you can see the total number of downloaded puzzles, however this data doesn’t seem to update so seems pointless.

Under the “Puzzle Generator” tab, this is where you create your puzzles that can be used to create your puzzle book.

There is also a place where you can view the created puzzles, and also go for Training & Support.

PuzzleProfitz Training & Support

At the time when I reviewed the software, I noticed that the tutorials that appeared were appearing for a product called “Sonic”, which is a totally different software.

There is a “Contact Us” option. When you click the button, it opens up your default email application to provide you with the ability to email the developers for support.

Generating Puzzles in PuzzleProfitz

The PuzzleProfitz software creates word search puzzles. When creating a new puzzle, you are asked to provide the following:

  • Puzzle Title
  • Words to be used in the word search puzzle
  • Grid Number (the number of rows and columns of letters you would like the software to create)

The word search puzzle generates quickly, and the words are indeed hidden within the word search puzzle horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

If you want to modify or tweak the settings of your generated puzzle, you cannot, because the edit feature does not work properly as I found out. If you want different settings, or you want to add some words to your puzzle, you will need to create a new puzzle.

How to download generated puzzles in PuzzleProfitz

The most disappointing part of the software is the fact that it does not live up to the claim of the sales page, where you can create entire puzzle books.

Instead, the software only generates the puzzles alone, and it is then up to you to download each puzzle separately, and create and compile a puzzle book on your own.

You can of course do this using user-friendly, intuitive and free software such as Canva, however the sales page of PuzzleProfitz neglects to mention this fact.

Check out my Canva YouTube Playlist if you would like to learn how Canva works.

Other PuzzleProfitz Issues

If you create larger word search puzzles, the font is extremely small and does not scale well. I wouldn’t trust this software to handle larger sized word search puzzles, but instead only smaller ones.

Is PuzzleProfitz Worth It?

In my honest opinion, no.


Well, it’s because PuzzleProfitz does not deliver on its hefty sales page claims, and the task of creating word search puzzles can be done entirely for free without purchasing PuzzleProfitz.

A FREE PuzzleProfitz Alternative

Crossword Express is a freeware software that allows you to create quality word search puzzles for free.

I recommend watching this YouTube video that shows you how you can use Crossword Express and Canva to create word search puzzle books and sell them on Amazon KDP for free!

Creating and then selling puzzle books on Amazon KDP is a legitimate business strategy, and you can make money with it, however Amazon is a beast and will require research to help you know what you can do to stand out and beat the competition. As with most legitimate business models, this one likely will not be a “get rich quick” scheme, and will require hard work, research, time and patience.

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