GetResponse Review: 7 Things You Need To Know (Is It Worth It?)

GetResponse Review

GetResponse Review

Welcome to my GetResponse Review for 2021.

If you want to know:

  • What GetResponse is all about & what it includes;
  • How much GetResponse costs;
  • If I use & recommend GetResponse; and of course
  • If GetResponse is worth it…

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 7 things you need to know about GetResponse.

Let’s get started!

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1. What is GetResponse? What is GetResponse used for?

GetResponse is an online, cloud-based email marketing software.

It offers a large amount of features, which continue to grow, at affordable monthly pricing.

GetResponse allow the flexibility to perform basic and advanced functions, and everything in between.

2. How much does GetResponse cost? What is included with GetResponse?

So what do you actually get with GetResponse, and how much does it cost?

Just like with most software, the features depend on the plan that you choose, which are offered at different prices.

GetResponse offer 3 primary pricing tiers (Basic, Plus & Professional). They are billed monthly, and the cost varies based on the size of your list.

Basic Plan

With GetResponse’s cheapest plan, starting at $15/month, you get access to the following features:

  • Email Marketing Features
  • Autoresponders
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • 1 Sales Funnel
  • Website Builder
  • Unlimited Lead Funnels

Plus Plan

The Plus plan is GetResponse’ most popular, and includes more advanced email marketing features, as well as features tailored for selling products (such as funnels and webinars).

With GetResponse’s cheapest plan, starting at $49/month, you get access to the following features:

  • Everything in the Basic plan plus:
  • Marketing Automation (5 workflows)
  • Webinars (max 100 attendees)
  • Contact scoring & tagging
  • Sales funnels (5 funnels)
  • Team access (3 users)
  • Webinar funnels (5 funnels)

Professional Plan

With GetResponse’s cheapest plan, starting at $99/month, you get access to the following features:

  • Unlimited Automation Workflows
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Paid Webinars
  • Webinars (max 300 attendees)
  • Contact scoring & tagging
  • Unlimited Sales funnels
  • Team access (5 users)
  • Unlimited Webinar funnels

To view GetResponse’s pricing on their website, click here.

All plans include 24×7 live chat support, and you can use your own custom domain for all landing pages.

GetResponse comes with a 30 day free trial (no credit card required), so you can give their features a go for yourself. If you would like to try out GetResponse and get 30 days for free, you are welcome to sign up with my affiliate link here.

3. How do I use GetResponse?

I personally use GetResponse’ Plus plan for the following:

  • Creating and managing email lists for multiple niches
  • Creating landing pages. I use landing pages to capture email addresses, and then direct people to affiliate offers.
  • Creating email automation workflows – I use them to send email sequences and make email decisions based on certain conditions. See my blog post and YouTube video discussing this topic in greater detail here.

4. Where does GetResponse fall short?

Overall, I have a very positive view of GetResponse, and enjoy using the software. I would be lying however, if I said that GetResponse didn’t have some downfalls which can cause a lot of frustration at the best of times.

Error Handling

When issues occur, GetResponse will not always provide adequate error handling to inform you what has gone wrong.

For example, I tried to send a test email to my person email address (a Yahoo address). GetResponse said that the message had been sent successfully after I clicked the button, however after multiple attempts, I never received the email.

I then utilized GetResponse’s 24×7 support, and got the answer. They informed me that I was unable to use Yahoo to send emails, due to DMARC. If you’re interested, you can read more about it here.

Whilst this gives me a positive point as the support was helpful, it would have been preferred if GetResponse had informed me in the application that I could not use a Yahoo email address, and secondly had not said it successfully sent the email.

Issues logging in

I have at times experienced issues when trying to log in to GetResponse. Sometimes it prompts to confirm you are not a robot, and whilst I perfectly complete the test, it has repeatedly said that I have not attempted the robot check.

This has caused some frustration, because when you I can’t even log in to my account, then I cannot even use the platform.

I’ve noticed that usually after waiting 5 minutes and then refreshing the page that it will eventually work.

5. GetResponse Pros & Cons


  • Includes many features
  • Aesthetically pleasing Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Integrations with software + API integration
  • Easily create multiple mailing lists
  • 24×7 Support
  • Competitive monthly fee
  • Includes 30 day free trial (no credit card required). You can sign up here.


  • Error handling could be improved
  • Occasional issues trying to log in
  • Monthly fee adds up

All pros and cons considered, GetResponse ultimately win me over as a customer due to their large amount of features provided for a competitive price.

Due to their unlimited landing pages, sales funnels, email automation workflows and autoresponder features, this is well worth the monthly fee for me. I had used ClickFunnels previously to create landing pages, but switched over to use GetResponse as they are included in the monthly pricing. ClickFunnels costs a hefty $99/month, and for me it is well worth the savings.

6. Who is GetResponse for?

GetResponse is a great platform if you are looking for a feature-rich email marketing software.

I recommend GetResponse for affiliate marketers looking to use their email list to market affiliate offers. This is because you can combine their landing pages feature with the autoresponder or automation workflows.

Additionally, if you currently use ClickFunnels but mostly only use the software for building landing pages, I would recommend considering switching over to use GetResponse for the savings and additional features you will get.

7. How can I join GetResponse?

If after reading my GetResponse review, you have decided that you would like to try it out, remember that GetResponse offers a 30 day free trial, with no credit card required!

You can sign up for free and get started with my affiliate link: Get 30 Day Free Trial Now!

What happens after my 30 day GetResponse trial is up?

GetResponse will put all features on pause.

If after 30 days you decide to continue using the software, you can choose a plan, and GetResponse will prompt you for card details for payment.

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Thank you for reading my GetResponse review.

I hope this was valuable and helpful.


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