Facebotz Review: Everything Misleading About This Product!

Facebotz Review

In this honest Facebotz review, I cover how this software works, what some of the issues are, and what the creators do not tell you.

If you would like to see inside the software and watch me review this software instead, check out my YouTube review video of Facebotz:


What is Facebotz?

Facebotz is a course and a software combined into one product. When you login to the members area, you are taken through a series of modules, which are composed of videos that walk you through how to install the software, and they teach you how to use their strategy with the software to make commissions and grow your own Facebook following/group.

There is a section for support, and also a guidelines page that tells you how you should and should not use the software.

What does the Facebotz sales page say?

The Facebotz sales page makes a lot of bold claims and has a lot of hype to get potential buyers excited to purchase.

They claim the following:

  • Facebotz is a way of getting free Facebook traffic and buyer leads in ANY niche.
  • Facebotz is a “one-click” artificial intelligence super app that hijacks and converts other people’s Facebook traffic into four-figure commissions.
  • You can learn how to replicate their success in under 60 seconds (this is simply untrue).
  • Facebotz is the world’s most viral social network software (I’ve never heard of it until recently).
They say that it takes just three simple steps to activate the system:
  1. Activate the system
  2. Target proven buyers
  3. Watch the leads and commissions roll in

SPOILER ALERT! It’s really not as simple as they try to make it out to be on the sales page.

What is the Facebotz Strategy?

Facebotz provides training videos and guidance on locating potentially warm buyers within Facebook groups, sending them friend requests, messaging them and building a rapport so that you have warmed up your audience enough where you can promote affiliate products for commissions.

This strategy does work for some people, however it doesn’t work for everybody and there are some downsides to it:

  1. Some Facebook groups do not like you reaching out to other group members to sell products, as it can be classed as spam and reduce the overall quality of the group.
  2. This requires you to optimize your personal Facebook profile to make you appear more trustworthy. For example, if somebody messaged me on Facebook and sent a message claiming they can make a large amount of money, and they promote a high ticket course, if I were to click on their profile and see that their activity is just a picture of them with their dog, it may not look as professional or trustworthy. Therefore this strategy works best when you change your cover photo and profile picture to something within your niche, as well as post content to your Facebook feed that is related to your niche. If you aren’t one to mix your personal life with your business life, this strategy may not be for you.
  3. This takes a lot of time and effort to message people, build rapport, and make your messages sound genuine and authentic. If you craft  a very simple message and just copy and paste it to everyone you see, people are going to ignore it because nobody likes being sold to. Sending messages to individual people and getting them to convert into a sale is a skill.

How does Facebotz work?

The software part of the product is a Chrome Extension that you need to download from within the members area. It is not approved to download from the Chrome Extension Store. This always poses a risk, as you simply don’t know what is contained within files that are being downloaded from untrusted locations.

You need to follow the instructions in their training videos to access Developer Mode within your Chrome browser, and then upload the Chrome Extension.

So what exactly does the Facebotz Chrome Extension do?

The Chrome Extension stores templates of messages, and you can categorize them based on custom tags. You select a series of message templates, input a number of users that you want to target, select if you want to target anybody with more specific profile tags (eg. is self-employed), and then click Go. The Chrome Extension will then locate users that match your criteria, and automatically send a friend request to them, select a message template, and send it to them.

The people that you message will then be placed into the tag/group that you set up within the Chrome Extension, so you can organize your contacts. For example, you might want to organize your contacts based on a particular product that you are trying to promote.

What does the Facebotz training include?

The Facebotz training includes the following:

  • Videos explaining and showing you how to locate Facebook groups that have good potential buyers.
  • Guides explaining how to optimize your Facebook profile for conversions.
  • A daily action plan that lists out what you should do each day to grow your Facebook legitimacy and following (FYI, this takes wayyyy longer than 60 seconds, hence their sales page is inaccurate).
  • Step-by-step tutorials showing you how to use the Chrome Extension.
  • Limitations outlining how you should not use the software (to avoid getting your account banned for spam)

What I Don’t Like About Facebotz:

  • The sales page is misleading.
  • This strategy isn’t for everyone – not everyone is comfortable using their personal Facebook account to reach out to people and send friend requests to strangers.
  • The Chrome Extension is not approved on the Chrome Store, which poses security risks.
  • The Chrome Extension itself is limited by guidelines you will need to ensure you meet to avoid getting your account banned for spamming. For example, you cannot simply message and friend request 1000 people per day. In fact, their recommendation is way less than 40 in one session!
  • The software does not automate follow-up messages that you would need to send to people. You will still need to craft your messages for people who end up responding to you manually.

Who is Facebotz for?

I think that Facebotz may work for you if you are already using Facebook groups to make affiliate commissions by reaching out to people, friend requesting them, and sending them messages. This could potentially save you a little bit of time.

If you’re wanting an easy way to store your message templates or organize contacts that you have messaged, this may help to keep things tidy for you.

Is Facebotz A Scam?

In my opinion , Facebotz is a misleading software, as their sales page adds too much hype, and does not represent their product accurately.

In summary, I don’t believe Facebotz is a scam, but I don’t believe that the strategy they teach you will work for everybody. I also think that the Chrome Extension itself is overvalued, as there are limitations placed on it to avoid your account getting banned.

In addition, you will need to write so many follow-up messages anyway that the initial automation may not seem worth it. This also takes a very long time and is a skill to build rapport and eventually turn people into converting customers! This is not a get rich quick scheme that will take 60 seconds to implement (as their sales page claims). This will take hours of work possibly across multiple days depending on how many people reply to you. It is not passive income, as you have to actively work to earn commissions.

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