How To Detect Deceptive WarriorPlus and JVZoo Products

How To Detect Deceptive Products On WarriorPlus and JVZoo
How To Detect Deceptive Products On WarriorPlus and JVZoo
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Would you like to know if the sites Warrior Plus and JVZoo are legit?

In this article, I will help answer the question “Can you trust WarriorPlus and JVZoo products?”

Let’s get started…

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What is JVZoo and WarriorPlus?

JVZoo and Warrior Plus are platforms that allow creators to sell their products to customers. They also dual as affiliate marketplaces, and allow affiliates to promote the products listed on these sites. We’ll dive deeper into this later, and why this doesn’t help with their overall case of quality and trustworthiness.

The main issue with these platforms is that they do not regulate or monitor the products and content that is posted to their sites. This means that there tends to be more products released on these websites that are of very poor quality.

WarriorPlus and JVZoo products cover a few different niches, but they tend to skew more towards the Make Money Online (MMO) niche and Business Opportunity niche.

Are WarriorPlus and JVZoo scams?

To set the record straight, WarriorPlus and JVZoo are not scams themselves, and not every single product that is promoted on these sites are of poor quality. But this article will be focusing on the products that fall into the majority of those sold on these sites, that are indeed deceptive and provide no value to consumers.

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Problems With WarriorPlus and JVZoo Products

To reiterate, I’m not going to go ahead and say that absolutely every single product that has ever been sold on JVZoo or Warrior Plus are absolutely awful, however, from what I have witnessed, the vast majority of products from these sites are not great.

I will touch on how you can tell if a product is trustworthy or not later on.

JVZoo and Warrior Plus are also affiliate program sites.

If you’re not sure what an affiliate is, an affiliate is somebody who promotes a different company’s product. If an affiliate is able to successfully sell a product to a customer, then they will receive a commission from the total price of the product.

An affiliate program is where a website allows affiliates to sign up and become an affiliate to promote their products. One type of an affiliate program is an affiliate marketplace, where in conjunction with creators trying to sell their products on these sites, affiliates in conjunction can also generate their own unique affiliate link to promote the products.

There are a ton of affiliate programs and sites out there. JVZoo and Warrior Plus are just a few examples that all tend to sell lower quality products.

Anybody in the world can sign up to become an affiliate on these sites. The low barrier to entry means that the quality of affiliates also decreases.

The unfortunate combination of poor quality products as well as affiliates just looking to score a quick buck means that they often will not care what the product is, if the product actually works, or if the sales page is over the top with too much hype which likely equals a product that underdelivers.

How do affiliates promote these products?

Online affiliates make money with JVZoo and WarriorPlus by promoting products through various ways. I will cover just a few examples now.

Blog Post Reviews/Articles

Affiliates will write blog post reviews, publish them to their website, and include their affiliate link within the post.

YouTube Videos

Video content is easier to consume and is a popular choice when creating product reviews. Similarly to the blog post review, an affiliate will create a review video which often includes a demonstration of the product, and in the description they will include a link to their affiliate link.

So… what exactly is the problem here?

The above promotion methods themselves are fine, however many of the product reviews that are promoted are overhyped and dishonest.

Let’s dive down further.

Affiliates promoting low quality products

As I mentioned earlier, many of the affiliates that promote products sold on WarriorPlus and JVZoo do not care about the quality or true value that a product offers. Instead, a lot of them are just looking to take your money, and stash it in their own bank account.

Due to this, some affiliates will hype up a product, go along with an over-the-top sales page offered by the product, and ONLY focus on the punchline that the product is trying to portray.

I’ll give you just one example.

Swispy is a cloud-based software that claims to generate a mobile application with a simple 3 click process. On their sales page, they boldly claim that you can immediately start making sales and step into an 800 billion dollar industry, which is that of mobile applications.

I did my own review and demo of this software, and discovered that this software actually just converts an existing website into a mobile app, which needs to be added to the website code. Then, a potential customer needs to visit the website from a mobile web browser. A notification will pop up on screen asking if you want to download the app. If you do, you have to go to your settings and add the app to your home screen. There is no going to the App Store or Playstore to download a legitimate and approved application. No… it’s a backdoor and who knows what code they’ve installed that could potentially be unsafe for your data and mobile.

Despite this product in reality being a complete waste of money, some affiliates will choose to focus on selling the hyped up and over-the-top sales page, instead of the fact that in reality, you would still need a customer to go to your website, download the app (not through the app store), open the app, and then make a purchase through the mobile app.

So many steps would need to go right, and you would also need a guarantee that the mobile app is generated in such a way that can indeed collect money through the app.

How can you detect deceptive WarriorPlus and JVZoo products?

There are a few indicators that you can use to help guide you when evaluating if a product is overhyped and ultimately, nothing more than a shiny object.

1. Affiliates promoting bonuses in conjunction with the product

If you go to YouTube or Google and search for “[Product Name] Review”, what you will often find is that these affiliates and creators are giving away bonuses in addition to the product itself. Their title or thumbnail might have “BONUSES” or “Don’t Get This Without My Bonuses” plastered across it. This is in an attempt to get the customer to purchase through their affiliate link rather than somebody else’s.

Swispy Product Thumbnails With Bonuses
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Now you might think that this is a positive thing, however a common trend is that the bonuses are also of poor quality, and can simply be downloaded from free PLR websites such as IDplr for free. This is not true of everybody, and there are content creators out there that do take time to put together and prepare quality bonuses. However this does not detract from the fact that the main product itself may be of poor quality.

2. Look for honest reviews

There are YouTube channels out there such as School of Nomads, Affiliate Marketing Informant, and my own YouTube channel, Corinna Jacqueline, which aim instead to provide honest review and demo videos, which highlight all the good, bad and the ugly.

The titles may instead say something like “[Product Name] Review: Be Careful!” or “Misleading Sales Page”, or “4/10”. Basically any video that takes the perspective of pointing out any problems with the product, rather than all the (possibly fake) reasons why you should buy the product.

If there is a product that you are scoping out, I’d encourage you to look for these types of reviews, as the creators will be honest with you. The creators behind the products are often also not affiliated with the products, because they do not ultimately believe in the value or quality of the product.

In the following image, notice that the top result from School Of Nomads rate the product “FreebieCash” as 0/10 and state it has a misleading salespage, yet the following results underneath it put a more positive twist on the software.

FreebieCash Reviews on YouTube
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3. Analyse the product sales page

The sales page of the product itself can say a lot about the product.

When you click on a product link or an affiliate link, you will be directed to the product sales page.

I encourage you to read the sales page with a sceptical eye, no matter how much you want to give in to the hype, promises, and dreams of quitting your job and living a wealthy life (I know it’s hard – I’ve been there too)!

If a product is nothing more than a shiny object, the sales page is normally plastered in red flags. They may not be so obvious to somebody who truly wants to believe the bold and exaggerated claims that these products are making.

Swispy Sales Page
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There is a completely free 12-step training course by Phillip Borrowman called Taking Action Online. In this training he covers shiny object syndrome, and puts together a checklist that can help you identify these red flags.

A few of the items on the checklist include:

  • Screenshots of profit that don’t seem to have any context
  • Fake testimonials (do a reverse image search on Google – you may find the pictures of people are stock images)
  • Bold claims exclaiming you can quit your 9-5, live the life of your dreams, or buy the car you’ve always wanted

Check out the full checklist here:

Shiny Object Syndrome Checklist
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Phillip goes through how you can build a real online business, rather than hoping that the next software that you buy will be the answer to you quitting your 9-5, or get you to become a millionaire.

I’ve personally taken this free training and found it to be of immense value.

Feel free to check it out here.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article about detecting deceptive WarriorPlus and JVZoo products. are marketplaces that do not regulate the products that are listed onto them. This makes it easy for products of poor quality to be listed and sold.

This does not instantly mean that all products sold on these sites are poor quality, but you just need to take a lot more caution.

There are a lot of fake reviews that promote products that are of terrible quality. This is purely because some affiliates only have one goal in mind – to sell sell sell!

If you made it this far, please leave me a comment and let me know if you have ever come across one of these misleading or poor quality products on WarriorPlus or JVZoo, and let me know what your experience was.

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