ClickFunnels Review: 5 Ways To Evaluate If It’s Worth It

Welcome to my ClickFunnels review!

If you’re wanting to know:

  • What is ClickFunnels?
  • How can you use ClickFunnels for online marketing?
  • How much does ClickFunnels cost? Is it worth the price?
  • My personal experience with ClickFunnels

Then you’ve come to the right place.

In order to understand what ClickFunnels is, we first must cover what a funnel is.

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What is a funnel?

A funnel is comprised of a series of pages known as steps. The purpose of having multiple steps is to guide users and potential customers through each step.

With each step you get the opportunity to create brand awareness, create storytelling, and provide online marketing copy across multiple pages. This helps users warm up to your brand and product in a way that is not overwhelming, which makes them more likely to convert into a sale and even a repeat customer.

Sales funnels are just one type of funnel. There are multiple different types such as:

What is ClickFunnels?


ClickFunnels is an online software that has a focus on building funnels that can be used for a variety of different online marketing purposes.

There is no coding involved, so it is relatively beginner friendly. A word of caution though, as a complete beginner to ClickFunnels, I found the funnel building interface non-intuitive and difficult to edit. It definitely takes some getting used to, and for this reason I would definitely recommend starting out with their free 14 day trial.

ClickFunnels Features:

1. Pre-built Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels comes with a large library of pre-built templates for you to use, so that you can minimise the amount of time that can be spent building funnels.

2. Page Elements

You can add elements to your page, such as videos, text, buttons, animations and also payment integrations, to name a few.

3. Split Testing

You have the ability to split test your funnels very easily.

ClickFunnels will load balance users between your versions. You can gather statistics which will help you determine if a particular version of your funnel converts better.

4. Share Funnels

A great ClickFunnels feature is that you have the ability to share funnels with other users. This makes it incredibly easy (not to mention saves you A LOT of time) to build a funnel from existing templates, or even import already completed funnels.

If you are an affiliate marketer, some companies will provide you entire pre-made funnels. An example of this is Midas Manifestation, a product in the spirituality niche that is sold on affiliate program ClickBank. They offer a completely free, pre-built quiz for affiliates to direct traffic to, in order to warm up your audience before sending them to the offer.

Screenshot of Shared Funnels imported into my clickfunnels account

5. High Quality

The software overall is of very high quality. I haven’t run into many bugs and the software is overall very consistent when building landing pages & funnels.

6. Integrations

ClickFunnels include integrations with software such as autoresponders (eg. GetResponse), payment integrations (eg. PayPal), and Facebook pixels, just to name a few.

How much does ClickFunnels cost?

Like most online software, ClickFunnels offer monthly payment plans.

Standard Plan

The standard plan costs $97 a month.

Etison Suite Plan

This plan is $297/month.

It offers unlimited funnels, landing pages, and can host an unlimited number of users.

Share Funnel Plan

This plan is only $19/month, but comes with some restrictions:

  • You only have the ability to access funnels that have been shared with you
  • You have a limit of 3 funnels
  • Unable to create your own funnels

Given that the Standard and Etison plans are very expensive, this plan is a lot cheaper. However it means that you aren’t able to create your own funnels.

Pricing Summary

You can get a 14 day free trial of ClickFunnels. The free trial is there to help you familiarize yourself with the features offered by ClickFunnels.

Personally for me as I’m still quite early on in my online marketing journey, $97 a month is too much for me. I much prefer to use GetResponse. GetResponse has its own pros and cons but I will talk a little bit more about that later.

My Personal Experience With ClickFunnels

At first, I found ClickFunnels very difficult to learn how to use. I also experienced some issues when setting up my domain and ran into a few bugs along the way. I engaged their support team and will discuss my experience.

Building Funnels

When I first try to create my own funnel I ran into a lot of difficulty. This is mainly because I found that the way that the ClickFunnels software does not use intuitive user experience features.

Here are a couple of examples about what I mean:

  1. When you double click on a text block, you would expect to be able to type text in the textbox. In ClickFunnels, you have to click on the textbox to open a side panel, where you will do all the editing within that page.
  2. It is not very drag-and-drop friendly. Instead, you build structured blocks within rows. To move a text box or a particular element, you often find it is best to click a “Down” or “Up” arrow to move the element where you want it.

Now these features are fine, and no doubt they help create a more solid and consistent funnel, but that isn’t to say that it isn’t still difficult to get used to. It’s a good thing that they have the free 14 day trial to get used to it.

ClickFunnels Support

Their support in my opinion is not as good as other online software, such as GetResponse. They do not have 24/7 live chat. In my experience using other online software, I have found that live chat has resolved most of my problems within minutes. However, with ClickFunnels, I have found that I need to raise a ticket to which it will be resolved within hours or even a few days.

Sharing Funnels

I LOVE the ClickFunnels share feature! I personally loved being able to import completed funnels into my account. This saved me A LOT of time.

I personally imported a Midas Manifestation quiz funnel, and used it to generate leads within the spirituality niche.

Connect Domain to ClickFunnels

You also have the ability to connect up your domain and subdomains with ClickFunnels. This makes your funnels and landing pages more professional and relevant to your brand.

I ran into a few issues and bugs when trying to connect my domain, and then once I got it connected, it took a bit of fiddling to get the SSL certificate to show up.

No software is absolutely perfect, but this did take quite a few hours to troubleshoot. Generally you are able to find the solutions to your problems on Google or YouTube somewhere.

How does it compare to the software I personally use?

My preferred alternative to ClickFunnels is GetResponse. I will go into why this is shortly.

GetResponse is an email marketing software, and definitely specialises in that area. However they also do offer funnels.

With GetResponse’s Basic plan, for $15/month, you get unlimited lead funnels, unlimited landing pages, and 1 sales funnel. With their Plus plan, for $49/month, you get everything in the Basic plan, plus 5 sales funnels. The Professional plan at $99/month gets you unlimited funnels of all types.

With GetResponse, you also get a lot of additional email marketing features. For me personally, email marketing is more essential than funnels, and so I opt for a less expensive email marketing software that has bonus funnel capabilities, rather than the other way round.

As GetResponse is not a funnel software and specialises in email marketing features, they do have a few more bugs and inconsistencies than ClickFunnels. GetResponse offers a customizable drag-and-drop interface, but it sometimes gets a little bit clunky and can be difficult to navigate at times.

I wrote my own review of GetResponse here:

GetResponse also offers a free trial, but theirs is for 30 days and you also do not need to input your credit card (BONUS!). If you would like to get started, click here.


In summary of my ClickFunnels review, ClickFunnels is a great funnel software. It is very high quality and offers a lot of features. The downsides are that the funnel builder elements are not intuitive at first, as the builder is not your typical drag-and-drop interface.

I currently do not use ClickFunnels. I use GetResponse instead. This is purely because I cannot justify the expensive $97/month pricing tier, and for me personally ClickFunnels is not worth it right now. In future if I find myself able to justify the price I will no doubt move back to the platform, as the funnels are of the best quality compared to any other funnel software out there.

I hope this review was valuable. The funnel software you choose will ultimately come down to your situation and what will suit your needs best.

Remember that both software offer free trials, so why not give them both a go!?

Try ClickFunnels free for 14 days

Try GetResponse free for 30 days


If you’re still not sure which funnel software you should choose, I recommend checking out They are a blog dedicated to providing reviews and comparing different online funnel software.


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