3 Best Business Name Generators & How To Use Them

Best Name Generators

Best Name Generators

There are so many business name generators out there, and I’ve tried A LOT of them! I’ve narrowed them down to three of the best business name generators that I’ve found helped personally helped me come up with multiple business names over the years.

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Why Use Business Name Generators?

If you’re trying to come up with a name for your business, we all know it can be a very long, boring and tedious process. If you’re like me you might feel some sort of underlying pressure to particularly find a name that is unique, creative and memorable.

I’ve always found it difficult to simply sit in one place and try hard to come up with names on my own, which is why I use business name generators to help me.

3 Best Business Name Generators

These are the best brand name generators that I’ve found. They each differ slightly in how they work, and what types of brand names they generate, so keep reading to learn what I use each one, and the process I use to come up with business name.

  1. Namify
  2. Namelix
  3. Business Name Generator


With Namify.tech, you enter some keywords that are related to your business. Namify provide a lot of one word and two word brand names, which I personally like because those are the ones that are usually most memorable and most catchy.

They provide you with a massive list of different combinations of words, and you can click to expand the list and show more and more names.

What I really like about Namify is that they come up with really clever endings and suffixes for names.

When To Use Namify:

Namify is best if you particularly want a business name that has a particular keyword in it, but you want more a fanciful and creative prefix or suffix in your brand name.

When To Not Use Namify:

Namify will typically provide business names that have one of the keywords you entered in the business name. Therefore, if you are wanting to have a business name that is fully fanciful (a made-up word), a better business name generator to use is Namelix.


Namelix I have found is particularly great for generating fanciful names, which are essentially brand names that have no real meaning or are made up words. Examples of fanciful names are Google, Xerox and Yahoo.

When using Namelix, you can add brand keywords, and a brand description that describes what your business does.

You can also set the name length. I’ve found it’s best to select a short name, as shorter brand names are typically more catchy and memorable.

Then pick the style of brand name. Namelix provide lots of different brand name styles. Usually when I am brainstorming business names, I will work my way through all of the different styles to see what Namelix generates.

Namelix does provide examples of the different name types, but I have still personally found that brandable names (the same as fanciful names) work best with Namelix, and it doesn’t do as good of a job at generating other name types.

You can also select non-English words, mispellings (eg. Lyft).

compound word one and you can keep coming back and click generate again go back to the name style and try out a different name style

and you can just keep on scrolling down and it will come up with lots of different options for you the ones on

When To Use Namelix:

Namelix is best at creating fanciful names. Use Namelix if you really want a brand name that doesn’t have much relation to what the business does.

When To Not Use Namelix:

Namelix is not as good at creating compound words or creating words that contain one of your keywords, but add creative suffixes or prefixes. Nameify.tech and BusinessNameGenerator.com are better options if that is the type of name you are wanting, but Namelix is still a good option to have a browse through, and jot down any possible words you might like.


This name generator is similar to Namify.tech, where you provide keywords that relate to your business. You can modify the filters to only generate names with a particular number of words, and you can change the character count and the industry your business is in.

I recommend using Namify.tech in conjunction with BusinessNameGenerator.com to provide even more ideas.

You will get a lot of different options and when you get to the bottom of the page, you will find that there are more pages you can click through to if you want to see more names.

When To Use Business Name Generator:

Similarly to Namify, this is best if you have a keyword in mind that you want to use with your business name, and you are looking for a fanciful and creative prefix or suffix in your brand name.

When To Not Use Business Name Generator:

BusinessNameGenerator.com does a great job providing names with a real word in them, so if you are wanting a fanciful name, Namelix is a better option.

The Process: How To Create a Business Name Using Name Generators


The first step is to brainstorm, using a notepad, document, mind map, or piece of paper. Come up with some names that you associate with your niche, or come up with some phrases that describe your niche.

Using Generators

Enter each word or niche description into the name generator. I personally like to use all three, even though I personally tend not to prefer fanciful names as much.

Scroll down, and jot down any that you like, or any that you think you might be able to tweak later on with different keywords.

I will typically take a couple of keywords that I like and then using the name generators I will modify and play around with the different endings.

Then it’s a matter of repeating this process over and over again!


If my business was selling Winter clothing for children, I would enter that as a description into each generator.

The name generator might then output names such as “toddler”, “tots”, “kids barn”, “beanify” and “baby mode”.

I like the “mode” part of “baby mode”, but the “baby” part seems too childish, so I might tweak it to “Beanie Mode”, and then rank that as a high potential name.

Domain Availability

Go to godaddy.com, and enter all the business names into godaddy from your list. The dot com (.com) domain is usually best, but if there is a different domain you require that is not available, you might want to remove the business name from your list.

Social Media Availability

Check any social media platforms you might like to market on to see if the name is available.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are just a few, but it is also dependent on your niche.

Google Search

Do a generic google search for your business name ideas, to see what comes up.

If there is anything negative associated with it, it may be a good idea to give it a pass.

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