Apollo22 Review: What You Should Know Before You Buy

Welcome to my honest Apollo22 Review.


Apollo22 is an online training strategy by Jono Armstrong and Andrew. Apollo22 teaches you how to use a crypto and indicators to help predict if the cost of a crypto coin will go up or down in the next 5 minutes. The premise is that if you are right more times than not, you could potentially turn a profit.

Although this might sound enticing straight away, there are some reasons why I think that this strategy may not be everyone, and there are some things that I think you should be aware of before you make a decision to purchase this training course.

If you prefer to ingest content through a visual/audio format, I created a YouTube video on this topic.

Sales Page Claims

The Apollo22 sales page claims that you can turn just $4 into a higher number using a controversial blockchain multiplication hack that doesn’t matter if bitcoin is up or down.

They say that no tech, no buying and no selling is required, and this this can work in just 24 hours.

They say that it is 100% legal and ethical and that even a child could do this because it’s so simple.

They say that it involves a three-step process:

  1. Get Free Bitcoin
  2. Multiplication Hack (Takes just 30-60s) – I personally think this is quite exaggerated.
  3. Profit

My Thought On These Claims

I do think that these steps and the claims on the sales page are exaggerated.

I do believe that it is possible to make money from this, but equally I also believe that it is possible to lose money with this strategy.

This is not a strategy where you simply sit back and do nothing. This is not a passive strategy and requires you to read charts, track crypto coin costs, and make active decisions.

In addition, the training itself requires you to sit through it and watch it a few times until you understand it.

Apollo22 Course Material

How Easy Is The Course To Follow?

The course has been created using ClickFunnels, and it is simple to navigate, and intuitive.

Andrew mentions in a few videos that he will leave links under the videos, however there are no links underneath (at the time of me writing this).

The audio is not great at times and can sometimes be difficult to understand.

It can be difficult the first time trying to follow what Andrew does, as his mouse on the screen does not actually reflect where he is clicking.

Setting Up

The first step is that you will need to sign up for a particular wallet that they recommend and an exchange. You will also need to deposit money into the exchange. These instructions are not included in the training course and you will need to research these steps yourself.

All of the tools they recommend that you use are free to use, however the platform where you make your predictions include fees, which is something that is not discussed in the training. You will need to do your own research on this.

If you don’t have a crypto exchange already, then you will likely need to do a personal verification check, as well as deposit money into the exchange. This can process can take a few days to complete. Often banks will take more time to process your first deposit to a crypto exchange.

This is one reason why I do not believe that the 2nd step on the sales page takes just 30-60 seconds.

They also say that they show you how to get free bitcoin, but when I reviewed the training material this wasn’t included. There are however ways in which you can do this by signing up for a crypto exchange using an affiliate link. You may get some bonus money or a fee discount.

How Prediction Works & Setting Up Indicators

The course has two sections called:

  • How Prediction Works; and
  • Setting Up Indicators

Andrew discusses in further details how you can use tactics and indicators to try and predict whether the cost of a coin will go up or down in 5 minutes time.

A free tool is suggested and some step-by-step instructions are provided to show you how to set up these indicators.

Unfortunately I had a bit of trouble understanding this the first time watching, because Andrew’s screen shows a mouse, but the mouse location doesn’t actually reflect what he clicks on.

If you are going to get Apollo22, I would definitely recommend watching the training videos more than once until you fully understand the concepts.

Winning & Losing Money

If your prediction is correct, you make money. If it is wrong, you lose money.

In the course, Andrew is very open about the fact that you will not win every single time, as this is unrealistic and crypto is extremely volatile.

Some tips are provided in the Money Management section, which are very important in my opinion. Some tips are provided to help you stay consistent with the process, and to minimize the risk of losing money, simply by getting emotionally involved in this or treating it as gambling.

I personally think that if you are somebody who has the potential to get carried away with making money, or you feel massive highs and massive lows when you win or lose, I would say to treat Apollo22 with extreme caution. This is not a fool proof strategy, particularly if you are going to get emotionally involved.

Andrew has also said that in the past he has built up his money to a high spot, and then he has lost it all in one go, simply because he hasn’t implemented the money management tips that he mentions in the video.

This makes me worried for people who may have difficulties knowing when to stop, because they might just keep putting more money in and keep losing it.

How Technical Is Apollo22?

The “Setting Up Indicators” section I personally believe to be quite technical, and I don’t believe that it is “so simple a child could do it”. This is especially the case if you’ve never dealt with any kind of chart reading or crypto predictions before.

If this is the case, you likely will need to repeatedly watch the training material.

Do I Recommend Apollo22?

I’m not going to recommend or not recommend if you should get this product.

The premise is essentially using some indicators to help you make a decision on whether a coin will go up or down in five minutes time.

There is always going to be risk with crypto and making bets, ESPECIALLY if you are somebody who may get carried away and start to place larger and larger bets with the hope of making more money.

Some people obviously do make money with crypto, and people have also lost money with crypto. I personally only would be willing to spend what I am comfortable losing, in case things were to go horribly wrong, I wouldn’t need to worry about my financial position.

If you are going to purchase Apollo22, I think it would be a good idea to not rush into bets, and to be very confident with whatever bet you decide to make.

Pricing & OTOs

The below are for information only.

Front End – $16.97

OTO1 – $47: Includes additional methods that allowed Andrew to increase (10x) his balance in minutes.

OTO2 – $297: Group coaching where you join a private group and get coached by Andrew.

OTO3 – $197: Access to a group where Andrew shares some “hidden gems” to do with crypto on a daily basis.

OTO4 – $67: Bundle of multiple products to help you increase your profits from nothing.

OTO5: Reseller license

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