About Me

Hi! I'm Corinna, and I've created this blog to share my experiences and tips about making money online with affiliate marketing.

I have experience with various ways of making money online, via investing, taking courses, creating Etsy shops, dropshipping, social media marketing and affiliate marketing.

I currently use basic software and have undertaken paid courses to help develop my knowledge and skills about making money online. I'm always testing and learning new things, and so it is my hope that through my experiences, reviews and recommendations that it can help you make an informed decision before you go ahead and purchase a product!

I am most active on my YouTube channel, where I often post honest product reviews. The make money online niche is huge - everywhere we look it seems to be filled with gurus or experts who are having success with minimal work, and who make it look easy. In addition, many videos have catchy titles such as 'How To Make $x in 10 Minutes'. These titles paint a picture and make the affiliate marketing and making monkey online niches look far easier than they actually are.

Many software products latch onto this hype and paint a far greater picture about their product than what the reality actually is. My hope is that I can provide honest reviews by sharing more information about a particular product, to make it easier to use, or to help you decide if you want to get a particular software.